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Manufacturer of Customizable Blow Molding Machines and Molds


Bottle Blowing Machine

MAIWEI Machinery is one of the most professional PET bottle blowing machine manufacturer in China, we have more than 15 years manufacturing experiences of PET blowing machine. MAIWEI can make full automatic blowing machine with competitive price, and MAIWEI PET bottle blowing machine can fulfill your production of mineral water bottle, drinking water bottle, drink water bottle, juice PET bottle, and carbonated drink bottles.

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1 Bottle Blowing Machine
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Extrusion Blow Molding Machinee

MAIWEI Extrusion blow molding machine which also named extrusion moulding machine from 2000, our machine has the function of extrusion blowing machine for your produce PE,PP, ABS material products. It can be used for your production of chemical barrel, toolbox, cosmetic bottle, detergent bottle, engine oil and lubrication container, and also drink bottle, amusement devices and transport facilities.

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2 1 Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Pet Preforme

MAIWEI can manufacture any machine that you need, and a plastic bottle preform machine is one of our specialties.Our plastic bottle preform machine prices and quality are competitive, and we will ship your order from China to any country.Usually, PET preforms are used to make jars, bottles, barrels, and various other containers.MAIWEI plastic bottle preform machine can have an injection capacity from 120mL to 1L, or more, depending on your requirements.

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3 Pet perform
3 1 Pet Perform

Water Filling Machine

By 3-in-1 monoblock ,the bottle goes through washing,filling and capping with little abrasion,and the transferring is stable,bottle changing is easier. Specially designed stainless steel bottle gripper dose not contact the thread parts of the bottle neck,avoiding the second contamination. High speed and mass flow filling valve ensures the high filling speed and exact fluid contacting liquid are all made of excellent stainless steel or food grade engineering plastic.the electric system is from international brand and achieves the national food hygienic standard.the bottle-out starwheel is helical structure.while changing over bottle size. It is no need to adjust bottle-out conveyor height.

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4 Water Filling Machine
4 1Water Filling Machine

Cap Mould

On behalf of the adoption of high quality mold steel from warld famous manufacturer like ASSAB and BOHLER, SINCO can also enjoy these companies' excellent and mature heat-treatment service. Under the professional and correct heal-treatment process, SINCO series closure mold's part have gotten uniform and even hardness level from surface to inside, and its inner stress and size deformation have been reduced to minimum.

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5 cap mould
5 1 Cap Mould

Assisstant Machine

Auxiliaries equipments, such as air compressor, air cooling dryer with filters, water chiller, hopper dryer are necessary for bottle blowing and preform injections.

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6 Assisstant Machines
6 1Assistant Machine

MAIWEI Factory Strong Production Capabilities and Professional Manufacturing Facilities

Taizhou Huangyan Maiwei Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company located in Huangyan, Zhejiang, specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of plastic product processing machinery. The company is one of the first companies in China to set foot in the field of bottle blowing and blow molding equipment manufacturing. The mission of Maiwei Machinery is to provide excellent products and services to many bottle blowing companies. While meeting the needs of different customers, it also ensures that the products developed perform well in the field of plastic product processing, thereby helping customers succeed in the fiercely competitive market. , to create the greatest value for them.

Solution & Application


We mainly produce and sell various types of preform molds and entire blow molding systems. Using PP, PET, and PE as raw materials, various types of plastic bottles from 5 ml to 40 liters can be blown, which are widely used in various packaging fields, such as mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, cosmetic bottles, baby bottles, medicine bottles, etc. The company has advanced technologies and concepts that make us one of the leading experts in the PET plastic packaging industry, able to effectively meet the needs of different customers.

How We Take Care of Your Order

  • Design Drawings
  • Mold Making
  •  Assembly parts
  • Commissioning The Machine
  • Packaging and Shipping

Our design team will track the latest design trends, tools and technologies and adapt to the changing market, thereby continuously improving design skills to meet customer needs and help customers succeed in the fierce market competition. During the mechanical design process, we will have close contact with our customers. Customers can communicate with us at any time if they have any ideas.

First, the mold needs to be designed according to the desired bottle shape and size. Then, choose a material suitable for making the mold. Typically, high-strength metals such as aluminum alloy or stainless steel are used in mold making to ensure that the mold has sufficient durability and stability.

The assembly of the bottle blowing machine starts from the basic structure, including the assembly of the base, bracket and frame. Then install the heating element, mold, connect the electrical system, and pneumatic system. Blow molding machine assembly is a precise process that usually needs to be performed by experienced technicians to ensure machine performance and reliability.

Run the bottle blowing machine to produce some sample bottles, monitor and record the quality and performance of the bottles, including size, wall thickness, appearance, etc.Check that bottles meet design specifications and quality standards. If you are satisfied with the quality of the test sample and the performance of the machine, you can conduct a period of continuous production testing to ensure that the bottle blowing machine can operate stably and there are no ongoing problems.

Blow molding machines and extrusion blow molding machine are packaged in wooden boxes. The blow molding mold can be installed on the blow molding machine or packaged separately in a wooden box. During packaging, the equipment will be ensured to be securely fixed to prevent movement or shaking during transportation, and it will also be filled with packaging materials. All gaps to prevent movement of the device within the package.


I was very lucky to find Maiwei Machine as our supplier and choosing Maiwei Machine as my partner is the most correct choice I have ever made. Maiwei Machinery is not only satisfactory in performance, but also outstanding in production efficiency and quality control. We have purchased several blow molding machines and they have been providing reliable support to our production lines. Our production efficiency has been significantly improved, and product quality has also been guaranteed.

I purchased a Maiwei bottle blowing machine and the after-sales service was great! Maiwei always treated our needs in a professional and responsive manner, whether it was answering our technical questions or providing spare parts and repairs, we were very satisfied with Maiwei's service. This high level of customer support allows us to keep our production lines running smoothly and resolve issues quickly when needed.

I am absolutely delighted with your product and would like to commend you on the quality and performance of the blow molding machines you provide. These equipment play a key role in our production process, providing us with efficient, reliable and consistent production capabilities. We have been using your blow molding equipment for some time now and they have been performing great without any major breakdowns or issues. This is very critical to our production line to ensure product quality and delivery time.

I admire the flexibility you have shown in your solutions. Your team was able to understand our specific needs and adjust and customize them to our requirements to ensure the equipment would fully meet our production requirements. This flexibility is important to our business as we often need to respond to diverse production needs.

When I entered the bottle blowing industry for the first time, I had many questions. Fortunately, Maiwei Machinery always answered my questions patiently and was able to understand our needs and provide us with suggestions and solutions. We feel very trustful and satisfied during the cooperation with Maiwei Machinery. We look forward to continuing to work with Maiwei Machinery and trust that you will continue to provide us with excellent support and high-quality products.

My factory is in Indonesia. I learned about Maiwei through a friend’s introduction, so I also purchased a 6 cavity fully automatic bottle blowing machine from Maiwei based on my needs. I was envious when I saw my friend owning this machine before, and now I finally own it. It is indeed an old brand with more than 20 years of history! The machine is of high quality and the after-sales service is meticulous. I will introduce you to other friends around me.

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We have been committed to providing high-quality, reliable PET bottle blowing machines to meet the needs of our customers. Your trust and support are very important to us, and we will continue to work tirelessly to continuously improve the quality of our products and services to ensure that you enjoy the best experience when working with us. If you have any further needs, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Our team is here to help and support you to ensure your needs are met.


Send Us Your Inquiry

You can call or email us to send your detailed bottle requirements.

Learn Bottle Details (Capacity, Output)

Once received your blowing machine inquiry, our sales  will contact you to have a discussion about your requirements. They will confirm the capacity and output with you.Then the most suitable solution will be worked out for you.

Design / Determine Bottle Style

Send we your bottle’s picture. If there is no picture of the bottle, we can design it for you for free.Then forward all detailed requirements to our engineering department, waiting for the design and solution to come out.

Analysis the Plant Conditions

According to the scale of the factory, help customers to arrange the machine layout.

Confirm Three-Phase Voltage

Customer need check and confirm factory local voltage and Hz of the power supply, we need check if it is same as China 3Phase, 380V, 50Hz, if different, we need modify electrical diagram on machine.

Design Scheme According to Requirements

After evaluating the design, we will give you the right solution based on your inquiry. Determine which machine is best for your needs.Then we will offer you a full  quotation including leading time, terms of payment, package details along with configuration and technical specifications.

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