9600BPH Automatic 8 Cavity Plastic PET Bottle Making Machine(0.1-600ML)

Maiwei’s latest 8 cavity plastic bottle moulding machine can produce 9,600 bottles per hour. Are you surprised by the output? This model of machine is a good choice for businesses that require mass production.

Capacity: 9600 pieces/hour (600ml)

Product maximum capacity:600 milliliter

Features and Advantages

  • For fast, accurate stretching strokes, the machine incorporates servo motors. A stretch rod enters the preform and stretches it using the power of a servo motor.
  • The machine incorporates a cam linkage system that ensures mold opening, locking and lifting in one movement.
  • The cam linkage system has a servo drive system to speed up the blowing cycle and increase the production capacity of water bottles.
  • The rotary preform feeding system can stably adjust preforms of different sizes to be blown in the machine.
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of spare parts.

  • The bottle blowing process is good and there will be no centrifugation.

  • Easy maintenance and replacement of spare parts.

  • Equipped with air circulation system and redundant cooling system to ensure that the temperature of the heating zone remains unchanged.

  • Compact mechanical structure, small footprint.
  • Parts from world-famous brands, so you don’t have to worry about finding the parts you need to replace.

Plastic Bottle Moulding Machine Parameters

Clamping   SystemNumber of cabitycavities8
Clamping Unitkg96000
Mold strokemm90
Stretching strokemm260
Bottom strokemm50
Central Distancemm76.2
Number of holderPCS152
Electrical SystemHeating oven qtyPCS8×8
Number of lampPCS8×8
Heating powerKW96
Installed powerKW100
Air SystemOperating pressurempa0.7-0.9
Blowing pressurempa2.5-3.0
High pressure air
MachineMachine dimensionM6.0×2.1×2.2
Machine weightKG6000

Efficient Production

The servo motor provides a fast and accurate stretching stroke for the preform, stretching it to the precise size quickly, and precisely controlling the energy output according to the need, avoiding unnecessary energy waste and shortening the production cycle. The machine also includes an advanced rotary preform loading system that increases preform transfer speed and accuracy.

Modular Design

Modular design is a design concept widely used in industrial equipment such as water bottle making machines. It has multiple advantages, including improving production efficiency, reducing manual intervention, shortening production cycles, improving durability and flexibility, etc., and is especially suitable for applications with high requirements. Areas of automated and diversified production, such as preform manufacturing. This design method can help enterprises better adapt to changes in market demand and improve competitiveness.

Energy Saving

Through a series of measures such as lamp position optimization, servo motors, and intelligent control systems, our bottle making machine can reduce the power consumption by 30% compared to traditional bottle blowing machines. While improving efficiency, it also reduces operating costs.

Delivery on Time

Weekly training enables our sales staff to master the professional knowledge of the machine more effectively and deliver it at the exact time, 24-hour online service helps customers to know the products at any time. After placing the order, the product will be shipped to the specified address within 30 days. If you need any additional information or assistance, we’ll be happy to help as well.

Application Range Of Plastic Bottle Moulding Machine

The fully automatic water bottle moulding machine is a double toggle device that is widely used to blow mold bottles from 20ml to 2l. It adopts a two-step method with high clamping force and eight cavities to meet the needs of mass production of bottles. It can produce drinking water bottles, sauce bottles, tea bottles, carbonated drink bottles, cosmetic bottles and other PET bottle preforms.

Main Parts of the Water Bottle Manufacturing Machine

Using world-renowned brand components can improve the performance, reliability and production efficiency of the bottle blowing machine. High-quality parts can help improve production efficiency and reduce production cycle. They are often able to run longer without needing to be shut down for maintenance. Helps reduce operating costs, extend equipment life and ensure product consistency and quality.





PLC, Servo Drive, Servo Motor


Combined Blowing Valve


Cylinder,Solenoid Valve


PLC, Servo Motor, Servo Drive, Low voltage Electrics


Contactor, Relay, 24V Transformer


Cylinder,Solenoid Valve


Blowing Copper Valve


Solenoid Valve


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