Full Automatic 5000BPH Plastic Bottle Making Machine with 4 Cavity(0.5L-2L)

A fully automatic 4 cavity PET blowing machine is our star product with optimized production, efficient control, and the highest reliability. Our PET machine deals with the PET bottle manufacturing of 500ml to 2000ml volume for drinking water, mineral water, and juices. It has an internationalized PLC control with built-in memory, making the production error-free and more convenient. With a short cycling time of 120kW, reduced distance between the preforms and uniform heating leads to low energy consumption.

Capacity: 4000-4500pcs/hr (500ml)

Max volume of product: 2000 Liter

Features and Advantages

  • Using PID constant control oven preform heating and fan exhaust
  • Fully automaticmachine running, and the touch operation is simple and convenient
  • Servo motor drives endless chain
  • Servo single channel blank loading
  • Compact mechanical structure, small footprint
  • Equipped with air circulation system and redundant cooling system to ensure that the temperature of the heating zone remains unchanged
  • The bottle blowing process is good and there will be no centrifugation
  • The stretched, pre-blown and high-pressure blown products are flawless
  • Unique cam connection system greatly shortens the blowing cycle
  • Rotary preloading system, loading preformers faster and more efficiently

Bottle Making Machine Parameters

Model Unit MW-F4-650 MW-F2-2000
Clamping System Number of cabity cavities 4 4
Clamping Unit kg 40000 48000
Mold stroke mm 90 125
Stretching stroke mm 260 330
Bottom stroke mm 50 50
Central Distance mm 76.2 114.3
Number of holder PCS 95 82
Container Max.container volume ml 650 2000
Max.container height mm 260 330
Max.container diameter mm 68 105
Max.neck diameter mm 38 38
Theoretical B/H 5000 4000
Electrical System Heating oven qty PCS 4×4 5×5
Number of lamp PCS 4×7 5×9
Heating power KW 42 72
Installed power KW 45 80
Voltage Voltage 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Air System Operating pressure mpa 0.7-0.9 0.7-0.9
Blowing pressure mpa 2.5-3.0 2.5-3.0
High pressure air consumption L/min 3.6/30 4.0/30
Power kw 45 48
Machine Machine dimension M 3.9×1.8×2.2 4.8×2.2×2.2
Machine weight KG 3500 4500

PID Constant Current Control

A PID control system is an automatic control system commonly used to accurately control temperature and other process parameters. Using PID control in the oven can ensure that the preforms are heated evenly during the heating process, thereby improving production quality and reducing the scrap rate while maintaining a certain production volume. By properly adjusting the parameters of the PID controller, precise control of the oven temperature and air flow can be achieved, thereby ensuring that the product is heated evenly and consistent products are produced.

Operation with HMI

Connecting people with automation equipment and control systems through touch-based operating interfaces provides many advantages and makes the production process more intelligent and controllable. The intuitive and easy-to-understand operation interface, combined with intuitive graphics and icons, allows operators to easily understand and use the system, which reduces operator training costs while improving operation reliability. The HMI system can also provide real-time monitoring, allowing operators to understand the status and performance of the production process at any time, helping to detect potential problems in time and take necessary measures to avoid production interruptions or quality problems.

Servo Motors for Preform Transfer

Servo motors have many advantages in preform transport and motion control and are particularly suitable for applications requiring high precision, efficiency and flexibility. The servo motor has excellent position control and speed control capabilities, which can achieve very precise preform positioning and motion control. In addition, servo motors have efficient energy conversion and can efficiently convert electrical energy into mechanical motion. Servo motors can also easily implement multiple motion modes, including continuous motion, point-to-point motion, and trajectory control. This means you can easily adapt the preform transport speed and path to your production needs.

Servo Single-channel Preform Loading

The use of servo single-channel preform loading, through servo motor control, position control, and production rhythm control, can greatly improve production efficiency, accuracy, and consistency, and reduce potential errors in human operation. It is equipped with a fault detection function to provide safety assurance. , contribute to the realization of high-quality product production.

Application Range Of Plastic Bottle Making Machine

The automatic blow molding machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in various shapes and sizes. Widely used in the production of carbonated bottles, mineral water bottles, pesticide bottles, oil bottles, cosmetic bottles, wide-mouth bottles, etc.

Maiwei Machinery delivers more than 500 machines and molds every year, and all products comply with national beverage hygiene standards, further proving the excellence of our products in quality control. We continue to maintain this high level of work to help your company remain competitive in the market and earn the trust of your customers. If you require further advice or information we will be happy to assist you.

Main Parts of the Plastic Bottle Making Machine

The parts of our bottle blowing machine are all world-famous brands. You are not afraid of finding the parts that need to be replaced. This can improve the quality and reliability of the equipment and reduce the difficulty of maintenance and repair. Making sure you have a reliable supply chain to ensure you have timely access to replacement parts when they need them is important to the proper functioning of your equipment. In addition, you also need to maintain regular maintenance and upkeep of the machine to extend the life of the equipment and ensure consistent performance. This helps your blow molding machine run efficiently and ensures your production process runs smoothly.





PLC, Servo Drive, Servo Motor


Combined Blowing Valve


Cylinder,Solenoid Valve


PLC, Servo Motor, Servo Drive, Low voltage Electrics


Contactor, Relay, 24V Transformer


Cylinder,Solenoid Valve


Blowing Copper Valve


Solenoid Valve


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