7200BPH Automatic 6 Cavity Plastic Bottle Moulding Machine(0.1L-1.5L)

Our 6-cavity fully automatic PET bottle blowing machine can produce more than 7200 100ml-1500ml bottles per hour. This model of machine is a good choice for businesses that require mass production. With uniform heating, error-free forming, and low power consumption, you can produce error-free mineral water PET bottles for water, juices, cosmetics, and oils.

Capacity: 6000-7200 pieces/hour (500ml)


Product maximum capacity: 2.0 Liters

Features and Advantages

  • Full servo system, gas saving, silent
  • Mold opening, mold locking, bottom mold lifting action all in one
  • Low power and low noise
  • Using world-renowned brand components
  • Equipped with air circulation system and redundant heat extraction system
  • We can just use high voltage
  • Compact mechanical structure, small footprin

  • Unique cam connection system greatly shortens the blowing cycle

  • Easy maintenance and replacement of spare parts

  • Each operating structure has a scaling system that protects the entire machine

Plastic Bottle Moulding Machine Parameters

Model Unit MW-F6-650 MW-F6-2000
Clamping   System Number of cabity cavities 6 6
Clamping Unit kg 56000 65000
Mold stroke mm 90 125
Stretching stroke mm 260 330
Bottom stroke mm 50 50
Central Distance mm 76.2 114.3
Number of holder PCS 106 106
Container Max.container volume ml 650 1500
Max.container height mm 260 330
Max.container diameter mm 68 105
Max.neck diameter mm 38 38
Theoretical B/H 7200 6000
Electrical System Heating oven qty PCS 4×4 8×8
Number of lamp PCS 4×8 8×9
Heating power KW 64 96
Installed power KW 69.5 100
Voltage Voltage 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Air System Operating pressure mpa 0.7-0.9 0.7-0.9
Blowing pressure mpa 2.5-3.0 2.5-3.0
High pressure air consumption L/min 5.0/30 5.0/30
Power kw 60 60
Machine Machine dimension M 4.0×2.1×2.2 5.8×2.1×2.2
Machine weight KG 6000 7000

Servo System

Servo motors are more energy-efficient than traditional mechanical drive systems. They precisely control energy output as needed to avoid unnecessary waste of energy. In addition, servo motors generally operate more smoothly than traditional mechanical systems, so they generate less noise and vibration, helping to improve the working environment and reduce the maintenance requirements of the machine.

Unique Cam Linkage System

The application of the unique cam linkage system in fully automatic bottle blowing machines can significantly improve operating speed, production efficiency and production quality, providing important support for the production of high-quality products. The cam linkage system allows multiple key operations, such as mold opening, mold closing, bottom mold lifting, etc., to be integrated into one system. In addition, the cam linkage system can precisely control the timing and speed of each action, allowing the blow molding machine to operate at higher speeds.

World-renowned Brand Components

Components from world-famous brands usually undergo strict quality control and testing to deliver superior performance. This improves the performance of the blow molding machine, making it more efficient and reliable. In addition, parts from well-known brands tend to have excellent durability and reliability, reducing the risk of equipment failure and downtime. Although name brand parts may have a higher initial cost, they generally have a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs. This reduces the overall operating costs of the facility in the long term.

Air Circulation System and Redundant Heat Extraction System

The configuration of these two systems improves the stability, reliability and safety of the PET blow molding machine. They help manage and maintain the temperature of equipment, prevent overheating and equipment failure, and ensure continuous operation of production lines. The redundant heat removal system also increases the redundancy of the equipment and improves the availability of the system.

Application Range Of Plastic Bottle Moulding Machine

The fully automatic water bottle making machine is a two-chamber energy-saving device composed of a preform loading and servo system. It can easily blow into water bottles ranging from 20ml to 20L such as mineral water bottles, plastic water bottles, and edible oil bottles.

Main Parts of the Plastic Bottle Moulding Machine

Maiwei Machine’s parts all belong to world-famous brands. Although the initial cost of famous brand parts is higher, they usually have a longer service life and lower maintenance costs, and undergo strict quality control and testing to provide excellent performance. , which will reduce the overall operating costs of the equipment in the long term. And well-known brands provide support and repair services globally, which means you can more easily get the technical support and parts replacement you need without worrying about being unable to find replacement parts.





PLC, Servo Drive, Servo Motor


Combined Blowing Valve


Cylinder,Solenoid Valve


PLC, Servo Motor, Servo Drive, Low voltage Electrics


Contactor, Relay, 24V Transformer


Cylinder,Solenoid Valve


Blowing Copper Valve


Solenoid Valve


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